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Gethsemane Cemetery and Memorial Gardens is the perfect scenic setting  in Charlotte, NC where families and friends can celebrate life. We approached life (and death) differently. We think death is  a time for reflection, appreciation and even celebration.  We honor and celebrate life in a setting fit for remembering legends.

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Funeral plans generally require the choice of a final resting place. If the deceased will be buried in a cemetery, you may find yourself thinking about how to best choose where they should be buried. Ideally, it will be somewhere beautiful and peaceful. Somewhere that family and friends can return to from time to time, to remember the life they come to honor. As you evaluate which cemeteries in Charlotte, NC may best serve your needs, consider the following points before you make your plot selection: 

Price: Cemeteries that are well kept will need to charge fees to cover their cost of ongoing grounds care. They also charge fees to pay for the opening and closing graves as newly deceased individuals are laid to rest. These efforts require equipment, materials, and labor to do the job of caring for the cemetery. The price you pay for a cemetery plot is influenced by the cost of care set forward by management.

Price is also influenced by the location and type of plot you buy. Like all real estate, those gravesites that are more appealing than others will cost more money. The choice of when you buy can also impact the cost, since purchasing today is generally less expensive than purchasing in the future. Inflation, as well as supply and demand, can impact the total cost of a funeral plot.

Cemetery Location: Cemeteries evolve over time to meet the needs of the communities they serve. What may seem like a location that will forevermore be a cemetery could be needed for a more pressing requirement at a future day. No one can say for sure what will happen in the future, but it’s worth thinking about as you are deciding upon a burial plot.

Try to consider the development of land around the cemeteries in Charlotte, NC where you are thinking about buying a grave plot. If your community is growing and is positioned to continue in growth for some time, then the cemetery will likely need to grow too. If a chosen burial plot is near the perimeter of the grounds, it could end up in the middle after expansion.

Affiliation: Some cemetery grounds are privately owned and operated by a funeral home service. This can be a real advantage to customers because burial plots are often sold at very competitive prices, as long as you agree to use the funeral home for needed services. When the budget for care is limited, you can intentionally shop for a cemetery connected with a funeral service to ask what discounts they offer in this manner.

Type of Interment: Burial plots vary in price depending on whether a casket and remains are buried, or containerized ashes. This distinction may also impact where in the cemetery you are permitted to bury a loved one. Choices vary by cemetery, ranging from earth burial below ground to the mausoleum burial above round. For cremation and ashes, a columbarium niche can be purchased for placement of remains. Ashes can also be scattered in designated garden areas, or buried in earth plots. If you have a particular burial style you wish to observe, make sure the cemetery is able to accommodate your needs.

Family Plot: Even in death, many families often try to bury their deceased loved ones into a common area. In a formal family plot, generations of families may be laid to rest together. If you’re interested in starting this traditional approach, you’ll need to purchase a larger plot for a predetermined number of generations to come. Consider carefully and make the arrangements desired.

Religious Cemeteries: For members of the faithful, cemetery grounds are sometimes reserved and maintained by their religious organization for the burial of their dead. If the person who has died was affiliated with a faith tradition and wanted to be laid to rest on dedicated grounds, you can ask a clergy member or your funeral director for information about it.

Military Cemeteries: Federal and State cemeteries have formal grounds set aside for veterans who have served our country. If you or your loved one meet the requirements, you can arrange to be buried among others who served in the armed forces. If interested, call on the local Veteran’s Department for additional details about this option.

Cemetery Regulations: Many cemeteries are administered based on rules they establish themselves. It’s a good idea to read their rules to determine whether they are in harmony with what you would like in a cemetery. Restrictions may include things such as headstone type and size, your participation in the perpetual care and keeping of the gravesite, visiting hours, etc.

Cemeteries in Charlotte, NC

Gethsemane Cemetery and Memorial Gardens is committed to maintaining a place of peace, where families can visit their deceased loved one in contemplation and love. Our cemetery in Charlotte, NC is located at 1504 W Sugar Creek Rd Charlotte, NC 28262. Call us for inquiry today at (704) 596-5417.


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Many cemeteries stand apart from the crowd by taking care of all side concerns in the planning of a funeral. Our attached funeral home next to our memorial gardens can help you plan a full memorial service over one or two days, and partner with many local business to arrange everything. Our Sympathy Shoppe is available for gifts and specialty foods to display at the funeral or deliver to mourners. Know more about our services in Charlotte, NC here.

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