Why You Should Hold a Funeral Service at Cemeteries in Huntersville, NC

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Funeral services held at the burial site can be a meaningful experience for families. They are generally simple in nature, keeping the ceremony to a minimum. Upon conclusion of services, the remains of the deceased may be lowered into the earth in the presence of all who attend. If you’re considering to hold a funeral service at cemeteries in Huntersville, NC, here are some of the reasons you might appreciate about a graveside service:

At the Final Place of Rest

Honoring the deceased with a funeral service at the very spot they are buried creates a perpetual memory tied to that location. It creates a sense of finality and conclusion that can be very helpful in the healing process. The act of mourning the deceased and participating in the lowering of their casket can be emotionally difficult, yet it often helps survivors who are present to feel connected to the last chapter of the life story of the deceased. Being there to the end can aid in the healing process, by helping to bring closure.

Small and Personalized Service

Funerals at the grave location are not generally large gatherings. They tend to be smaller with only family and close friends attending. In this intimate setting, the emotions of the moment are often more vulnerable and poignant as tears may flow freely, without concern for perception. In other words, healthy grieving may be more readily able to occur.

If the number of people who wish to attend services exceeds that of a small gathering, it may be wise to consider a formal venue that can accommodate more people. If you want services to remain nearby, there are s cemeteries in Huntersville, NC that can provide a funeral pavilion or funeral home there at the cemetery. After services, the casketed remains of the deceased can be taken to the burial plot. There, the family can have a private moment of goodbye.

Less Expensive

A service at the grave does not require the cost associated with booking and staging a venue for the funeral. You can avoid the expense of full-service funeral care and perhaps reduce or eliminate costs for the following:

  • Funeral service staff
  • Funeral home rental
  • Hearse and transportation rental
  • Embalming care
  • Décor and ambiance expenses

Simplified Tribute

When funerals are held under the open sky at the grave plot, they tend to have less complexity and ritual activities. For many, this scaled-down approach to services helps to keep the occasion simple and focused on what matters. A shorter service brings brevity of words for those who speak in tribute. There is a tendency to minimize flowers and decoration and to do fewer musical numbers, poetry, or scriptural readings, among other commemorative activities.

An open casket viewing service is less likely to occur at the grave due to the inability to manage the environment and temperature. Because the services are held at the burial plot, there may not be a need for pallbearers. Weather concerns can also reduce the length of the service gathering, but for many, a tearful, gray sky is a welcome ambiance to the sad occasion.

Comprehensive Planning

Planning a funeral ceremony and service is a challenge for any family who has lost someone they love. But with the help of a caring funeral director, the bigger part of the effort to coordinate and carry out the graveside service will be handled.

Meeting with the funeral team for an arrangement conference will help you to put forward your wants for the occasion. Working under their guidance, you’ll make the requisite decisions about the care of remains, disposition type, cemetery location, date and time of the funeral, personalization care, faith and cultural observance, obituary notice, and more. Once the funeral director and their staff understand what you wish to accomplish, they will be more than happy to make it happen. You and your family won’t need to worry about the logistical details of the funeral and attendant paperwork.

Graveside Service at Cemeteries in Huntersville, NC

Gethsemane Cemetery and Memorial Gardens is honored to serve as the final resting place for members of our community. Families trust us every day to uphold a place of beauty and order where their loved ones can rest in peace. We make it our priority to keep our cemetery grounds and gardens well cared for in remembrance of those who lay in quiet solitude. As part of the very fabric of the community we serve, it is a privilege to safeguard the remains of those who’ve gone before.

Gethsemane Cemetery and Memorial Gardens is among the premier cemeteries in Huntersville, NC serving the interment needs of families since 1975. Visit our location at 1504 W Sugar Creek Rd Charlotte, NC 28262. Call today for a conversation with our dedicated staff at (704) 596-5417

Cremation Huntersville NC

The processing of the bones, which usually includes pulverization, is included in cremation. The decision to cremate is a deeply emotional and private one. Cremation is a method of reducing the body to its essential elements by exposing it to open flames, severe heat, and evaporation. This is done in a cremation chamber or retort, which is a specifically built furnace.

Many people prefer cremation, but this does not mean they must forego the therapeutic and cultural aspects of a burial. Allow us to assist you in creating an onsite memorial, as having a physical marker of remains is beneficial to many families. We can supply a variety of flowers and décor items to help you best reflect your loved one during a memorial service and afterwards. Learn more.


What documents do I need for pre-planning?

When planning your service, we recommend you bring your last will and testament, power of attorney, and any directives for health care with you to ensure we can carry out your plans effectively. Our funeral director may also ask for specific financial information to ensure your will can be carried out easily. If you wish to update any of the details in this information, bring the new documents to our office and we’ll ensure your information stays current. Know more about pre-planning here.

What are the options for a cremation service?

  • Graveside funeral service
  • Committal service
  • Ash scattering
  • Learn more

What are the burial or cremation benefits of our fallen veterans?

  • The professional services of Funeral Director and support staff
  • Transfer the deceased and professional care
  • Cremation services
  • Use of our mortuary facilities and staff for a visitation or gathering
  • A funeral or memorial ceremony
  • Use of automotive equipment
  • Online interactive memorial website
  • Additional personalization options, including specialized engraving, a moving tribute video
  • Learn more