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Our Team

Ever since we opened our gates we have approached life (and death) differently. While some just see the end of a loved one’s life as a time for grief and mourning, we prefer to think of it as a time for reflection, appreciation and even celebration. 

This is evident in everything we do, from the way we conduct our services to the amenities we choose to offer. We are not a burial ground. We are a close knit community dedicated to honoring, sharing and preserving the amazing and inspirational stories that are life.

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Why Us?

Why Us?

We've learned a lot over many years like how to present options without overwhelming and how to meet the needs of many caring parties. People come to us in difficult times, and we respond kindness, calmness and expertise. 

Our goal is to create a beautiful occasion and make you feel welcome, always. We spend our days planning with families. We stay up to date with industry developments. And we make hard times a little easier.

Who We Are

Meet our staff. Members of the local community make everything that happens possible.Together, we make this place amazing.

John Gouch, Sr. (left), bought Gethsemane Cemetery & Memorial Gardens in 2006. His son, John Gouch, Jr. (right), is the general manager of the cemetery that opened in 1975. This family-run business along West Sugar Creek Road is known for an annual Memorial Day commemorations and family-style funeral services, which include a Celebration of Life snack table with their loved one's favorite foods. 

As featured in the Charlotte Observer.

The Staff at Gethsemane Cemetery and Memorial Gardens

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